6 nuclear power plants to be setup in India

New Delhi and Washington have agreed on a proposal to build six nuclear power plants in India, according to a joint statement issued recently at the conclusion of the ninth round of India-U.S. Strategic Security Dialogue in Washington.

“They committed to strengthen bilateral security and civil nuclear cooperation, including the establishment of six U.S. nuclear power plants in India,” said the statement.

A major aspect of the deal was the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) that gave a special waiver to India enabling it to sign cooperation agreements with a dozen countries. Post waiver, India signed civil nuclear cooperation agreements with the U.S., France, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Sri Lanka, the U.K., Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and South Korea. The U.S. reaffirmed its support to India’s early membership in the 48-member NSG.

In the meeting, the two sides exchanged opinions on global security and non-proliferation challenges and restated their commitment to work together to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems and to deny access to such weapons by terrorists and non-state actors.