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About Us

BLOCKDALE MEDIA LLP is a leading company into publishing technical journals. It was set up as a proprietory company (Blockdale) 30 years ago, by Vinoo Mathews, who has several years of experience in industrial journalism in India and abroad.

Headquartered in Mumbai, BLOCKDALE MEDIA LLP now a registered partnership company, publishes two journals – Chemical Industry Digest meant for practising engineers and scientists in all chemical and process industries and The Indian Practitioner, a journal devoted to practising doctors covering Medicine, Surgery and Public Health.

BLOCKDALE MEDIA LLP, along with its sister company, MPower Communications also organises Seminars, Workshops & Conferences under the brand name ‘Calibre’ on operational aspects in the chemical & process industry as well as educations trainings for medical professionals.

Chemical Industry Digest

Chemical Industry Digest, published by Blockdale Media LLP, is a technical journal oriented towards engineers and decision makers in all chemical & process industries. Since 1987, Chemical Industry Digest has been a pioneer, in introducing first-hand industrial journalism, designed to inform and update practicing management and engineering professionals in all segments of the chemical process industries.

The journal regularly presents features on current developments, state-of-the-art technology, group discussions, corporate profiles, industry scenarios, engineering approaches, new products and processes in production, maintenance, fluid flow, instrumentation, equipment fabrication, energy efficiency and conservation, environment and safety, R&D and more. Several data-oriented features such as new project activity, safety data on specific chemicals, the market profile on specific chemicals plus directory like information with names, addresses of companies/organizations in various fields are also published regularly in Chemical Industry Digest.

Unique Features: Chemical Industry Digest publishes unique and original features like ‘Elements Matter’, series or Nobel Laureates, What’s In a Name (How leading company brands got their name), Doyens of Yesteryear and so on.

Achievements: In 1989 Chemical Industry Digest was commissioned by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research of the Ministry of Science & Technology of the Government of India to publish 4 special issues on Consultancy Engineering in an exclusive tie-up with them. These four issues were brought out successfully.

Chemical Industry Digest became a monthly journal in the year 2004.

Chemical Industry Digest Annual: This issue is released in January, every year and it has been an outstanding success till date. The much-awaited annual issues are kept and constantly referred to by readers for years due to the quality of content published. The Chemical Industry Digest Annual, unlike the regular monthly issues from February to December, contains non-technical or not too technical content. It reviews every segment of the process industry from oil & gas, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers & other agrochemicals, all other downstream chemical industries to equipment & EPC industries.

Many unique & distinctively different, topical & general interest articles & features are also published.

Other publication


The Indian Practitioner is a monthly journal dedicated to Medicine, Surgery and Public Health, which was established in 1947. The Indian Practitioner has on its editorial board highly experienced doctors in various aspects of medicine which ensure qualitative medical articles and features. The journal covers the entire spectrum of medicine and medical establishments which include private & government hospitals and clinics, private practitioners, physicians & surgeons, medical directors of pharma companies and medical institutes/universities.

For more information, please visit:

Other activities

Blockdale Media LLP also conducts branded Workshops & Conferences on operations and functional areas of chemical industries. Termed as the Calibre Chemical Industry Digest Workshops, we have successfully conducted over 55 workshops.

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