Agilyx and Ineos enter into agreement to install De-Polymerisation Technology

Agilyx and Ineos Styrolution have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for deploying Agilyx’s de-polymerisation technology at or near to an Ineos Styrolution facility in North America. The aim is to convert post-consumer polystyrene waste into styrene monomer that can be used to re-manufacture new polystyrene products.

The cooperation objectives defined in the MOU between both the companies are the natural next step to set up a chemical recycling infrastructure and establish a circular economy for polystyrene.

Ineos Styrolution is committed to driving the advancement of the de-polymerisation technology. Together with several research institutions, the company is working on a technical feasibility study and is aiming at the development of a holistic recycling concept in collaboration with waste management companies. Both companies are committed to driving the ‘chemical recycling’ technology forward, which is based on the de-polymerisation of post-consumer polystyrene waste. This technology aims at achieving virgin, high-quality polystyrene ultimately suitable for food-contact applications and medical applications.