Air Products to acquire GE’s Gasification Technology and Business

Air Products recently signed an agreement to acquire General Electric (GE) Company’s gasification business. This transaction will allow Air Products to expand its synthesis gas (syngas) solutions product offerings and its presence in build, own and operate gasification projects around the world.

As part of Air Products’ overall syngas solutions offering, these cross-selling opportunities could include air separation units, pressure swing absorbers, carbon monoxide cold box equipment, as well as generate other business opportunities in plant support and cryomachinery.

As per reports in Process Worldwide, the gasification business being acquired by Air Products includes GE’s share of its 50/50 joint venture (JV) with China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Company, a subsidiary of China Energy Group, a world-class energy company. The JV, formed in 2011, provides technologies for gasification projects in China.

Earlier Air Product had bagged a contract of supplying syngas to China, and with this acquisition, it will only propel its stronger presence in Asia.