BASF Develops Pilot Products from “ChemCycled” Plastic Waste

BASF says it has for the first time manufactured products based on chemically recycled plastic waste. BASF’s ChemCycling project reutilizes plastic waste that is currently not recycled, such as mixed or uncleaned plastics. Using thermochemical processes, however, these plastics produce syngas or oils. The resulting recycled raw materials are used as inputs in BASF’s production, according to the company, partially replacing fossil resources. BASF is reportedly collaborating closely with its customers and partners, which range from waste management companies to technology providers and packaging producers, to build a circular value chain.

According to reports in Chemical Processing, BASF is developing pilot products, including mozzarella packaging, refrigerator components, and insulation panels, with 10 customers from various industries. As a next step, BASF plans to make the first products from the ChemCycling project commercially available.