BASF Invests In Chinese 3D Printing Specialist Prismlab

BASF Venture Capital GmbH is investing in Prismlab, a leading provider of 3D printing processes and 3D printers, headquartered in Shanghai, China. Prismlab has developed a patented printing technology i.e. Pixel Resolution Enhanced Technology, that is characterized by a very high printing speed, high level of precision and lower printing costs.

Pixel Resolution Enhanced Technology is based on stereolithography (SLA). SLA allows comparatively large components to be produced using light-curing resins in the same production setup. Prismlab’s technology increases the printing resolution without compromising printing speed. With the use of LCD light, it also reduces process costs.

BASF’s venture investment will enable Prismlab to further accelerate its product development and innovation while strengthening its market reach to the global market.

According to BASF sources, this will be BASF’s first direct investment in a Chinese company.