BASF signs contract to market Lactips’ biodegradable films

BASF and Lactips signed an exclusive contract to market Lactips’ water-soluble, bio-based and fully biodegradable material.

BASF and Lactips will bring in their respective expertise to offer this innovative technology to the home care as well as industrial and institutional (I&I) market. While Lactips, focuses on the development of the film material technology based on technical casein obtained from the excess of milk protein production, BASF will bring in its expertise in network and supply chain to market the product. The solution of Lactips aims at the replacement of polyvinyl alcohol films in-home care and I&I applications, such as dishwasher tabs.

“Sustainability plays a major role in all of our business processes,” states Robert Parker, Director, New Business Development at Care Chemicals, BASF. “Lactips’ solution for films for dishwasher tabs supplements our existing portfolio of sustainable offerings. It allows us to provide our customers with a broad portfolio of bio-degradable products for the home care industry.”