Chemical Industry Digest Annual– June 2018

Articles included in this issue:

Sustainability – An opportunity for the Chemical Industry
Dr Neil Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer & Corporate Vice President-Environment, Health & Safety, Dow Chemical Co.
This article outlines the possibilities and potential, with Dow’s own examples, on creating a road map to attain the goals of sustainability.

Digital Transformation of the chemical industry enables sustainable Operations
Peter Reynolds, Contributing Analyst, ARC Advisory Group
The author discusses how emerging digital technologies like Al, Blockchain, IIoT, data analytics, cloud etc can create a paradigm shift in manufacturing efficiencies that will greatly enable sustainable operations.

Paving the way for a Sustainable Chemical Industry
Harshad Naik, Managing Director, Huntsman International India Pvt Ltd.
Product as well as process innovations are the way forward to obtain higher conversion efficiencies, saving resources and utilities. New technologies on the anvil will also enable sustainability.

Hydrogen Economy is not dead
Dr N C Datta, Consultant, Modicon Pvt Ltd.
Hydrogen ecocomy has been touted for some time as a superior alternative to the hydrocarbon economy we are in today. This article covers various production processes, its transportation and storage aspects, particularly in terms of the latest advances in these areas.

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