Chemical Industry Digest- Apr 2017

Articles Covered in this issue:

1) Entrained Flow Gasification
     Author: Thomas Mathews, Reliance Technology Group

In this article based on the author’s experience of working with different types of gasification technologies, an overview is presented. It also elaborates on his current assignment – ‘Gasification Project of Reliance Industries, Jamnagar.’

2) Process Intensification for Turnaround of Chemical Industry
    Author: Ananda J. Jadhav, Priyanka R. Patil, Chandrakant R. Holkar, Dipak V. Pinjari, Aniruddha B. Pandit – Chemical Engineering Department, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)

This article discusses the fundamentals of Process Intensification (PI). There is a detailed discussion on cavitation induced PI, fundamentals, mechanism, advantages, limitations with few examples. Overview of cavitation application is also detailed based on the use of sound and flow energy.

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