Chemical Industry Digest- August 2018

Articles in this issue:

Ecology and Pumps
S L Abhyankar, Independent Consultant
In this article, the author, with the help of several examples discusses ways to achieve energy efficiency. He also explains how the right kind of pump can help reduce environmental problems.

Phosgenation – a unique unit process of industrial importance
Prof Shreerang Joshi, Institute of Chemical Technology
This article outlines the basic process of phosgene manufacture and some of its major derivatives as well as its market potential. It says that phosgene if handled with all required safeguards, can find multifarious applications in many industries.

Analytical Instrumentation for Chemical Industries
Dr. U.V.R. Vijayasarathi – IICT Hyderabad
The author comprehensively reviews the wide variety of techniques and equipment used, the functional attributes, advantages of analytical instrumentation in today’s chemical industry.

Recent Advances in Engineering Aspects of Pharmaceutical Crystallization – Part 1
K.Hemalatha, Dr. S.Vedantam, Dr. K.Yamuna Rani – IICT Hyderabad
This article summarises recent developments from an engineering perspective in the key aspects of the crystallization process.

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