Chemical Industry Digest-Feb 15

Articles covered in this issue:

TOC Analysis: Basic & UV Persulfate / NDIR Methodology 
Ramesh Sahu, Skytech Systems (India) Pvt Ltd
Various background errors during quantitative analysis of the dissolved organic content could produce distorted results. This article briefly discusses the various errors that could produce distorted results and throws light on standard practices for obtaining accurate results.

Emission Control Technologies and Techniques for the Chemical Processing Industry
Kevin Summ, Anguil Environmental Systems
As is the case with many industrial manufacturing operations, emissions are best destroyed through the use of oxidation technologies. How destruction occurs and to what level and efficiency, is often determined by the process conditions.

Shell & Tube Exchanger Maintenance
Raghava S Chari, Industry Consultant
This article provides relevant maintenance information for shell & tube heat exchangers that need periodic simple to more advanced maintenance such as plugging leaky tubes and total re-tubing depending upon the handled shell and tube circuit fluids’ corrosion, erosive, adhering and fouling properties.

An insight into aboveground storage tank operations with the use of side-entry tank mixers
Christopher Hastings, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd.
The global storage tank industry faces many challenges, some old, some new. This article lays emphasis on the merits of mixing in aboveground storage tanks. It also discusses the challenge of handling a variety of different grades of fuel and the necessity to process them into a final specification in the shortest possible time.

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