Chemical Industry Digest- July 2017

Articles covered this issue:

  1. Intensifying Distillation using Divided Wall Columns: Current Status and Challenges – Dr. Nilesh A. Mali, CSIR-NCL
    Advantages of Divided Wall Columns (DWC) Distillation over conventional distillation is elaborated. Various aspects necessary for the implementation of DWC are discussed with some recommendations, which will be helpful to identify whether DWCs could be a choice for intensifying the distillation operations in the existing or proposed projects.
  2. Ultrasound Assisted Crystallization – Sarvesh S Sabnis, Dr. Parag R Gogate, ICT
    Conventional crystallization suffers from drawbacks due to difficulties in controlling the process. Ultrasound-assisted crystallization or sonocrystallization overcomes many of these shortcomings. This article elaborates on the principles of sonocrystallization, its mechanism, advantages, the reactors used, its applications in various industries supported by case studies.
  3. Heat Tracing – Raghava Chari, Independent Consultant
    Heat Tracing is important in practically all process and metallurgical industries, and power plants. In this article, the author discusses and compares the merits and demerits of steam-based and electric heat tracing systems and their applications.
  4. Reactor Maintenance – Raghava Chari, Independent Consultant
    This paper presents two case studies of innovative repairs of an urea reactor that saved months of plant outages.


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