Chemical Industry Digest- July 2018

Articles covered in the July 2018 issue:

Deepwater Oil and Gas Prospects in India
Shrikant Kanitkar, Senior Engineering Manager, Aker Solutions
The author describes the scenario of deepwater oil and gas industry in India. He also emphasizes the challenges and the future prospects of the sector. Safety in the

Transportation of Hydrocarbons by Cross Country Pipelines
Prof (DR) G Madhu, Professor of Safety Engineering in the School of Engineering, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala
Details about the importance of pipeline transportation of oil and gas in a modern economy and the hazards associated with cross-country pipelines are discussed in the article. It also emphasizes on the need for developing a suitable emergency plan to deal with hydrocarbon releases.

Compressors’ Suction Knockout Drum
S Raghava Chari, Consultant
Compressors, depending on the type are used by almost all industries. Inadequate suction Knockout Drum (KOD) is a common cause of compressor failure. Ways to prevent compressor wrecks, associated production loss, failed deliveries, etc are discussed in this article.

Environmental Impact of Acid Mine Drainage and overview of the Treatment Techniques
Dr. A Gangagni Rao, Chief Scientist, CSIR – IICT; Dr. Sandeep Panda, SERB National Post Doc Fellow, CSIR – IICT; Sameena Begum, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
This article focuses on the origin, causes, environmental impact of acidic wastewater generated from the mining industry, also known as the Acid Mine Drainage. The article also gives an overview of the treatment techniques of such wastewater.

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