Chemical Industry Digest-June 15

Articles covered in this issue:

Minimizing VCM Emissions during VCM tank commissioning
S.Rajan, A.Mohan, TNV Satynarayana, Technip India
This article describes one of the novel approaches to minimize venting of VCM during commissioning of VCM storage facility. This method not only satisfies environmental needs but also saves valuable material cost.

Industry reduces its thirst for water
Achema Trend Report
This article takes a look at how companies are taking a new approach to effluent management. Technology is even available which can virtually eliminate effluents.

Pipeline Pigging & Smart Pigging
S Raghava Chari, Industry Consultant
Pigging is a pipeline maintenance operation that removes fouling and cuts down operating costs making it economical. This article discusses the significant role of pigging in maintaining pipeline safety, integrity and reliability.

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