Chemical Industry Digest- Mar 18

Articles covered in this issue:

Advances in Catalysis in Recent Times
B. Viswanathan, former faculty of IIT – Chennai
In this article, the author discusses new developments in the field of catalysis and elaborates on challenges in catalysis for different processes for better productivity.

Make the Most of Automation Upgrade
John Dolenc, Emerson Process Management
This article enlightens on how to make the best of automation upgrades in the process industry. He also discusses the common mistakes to be avoided that undermine projects.

Tips for Quick Approvals of New Ideas
Raghava Chari – Independent Consultant
New Ideas are what drives innovation as well as incremental improvements. But the human tendency is always to resist changes and hence new ideas too. The article suggests ways to get quick approval of new ideas and how to implement them soonest and derive the required satisfaction are covered.

Ultrasonic Multipath Flow Meters – A promising new entrant in Custody Transfer applications
Raghava Chari
This article highlights the features of Ultrasonic Multipath Flow Meters which are accurate and minimizes losses of crude during transfer of crude from carrier to the buyer.

Radar Tank Level Gauge Systems
Raghava Chari
Radar Technology based tank level gauges have advanced and proved itself, such that they can replace others like capacitance, float systems, custody transfer applications and tank farm management, etc. This article discusses their working principles, and factors that affect the accuracy of radar level gauges.

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