Chemical Industry Digest- Mar 2017

Articles Covered in this issue:

1) Nylon: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
    Author: Anuj Mittal, Suchetana K Shetty

The article briefly summarizes the literature with a view to capture past, present and future perspectives of Nylon. It also highlights the focus area of research in nylon from academia and industry.

2) Key Logistic Trends in the Chemical Industry
    Author: Anthony Elwine, Global Head of Chemical, DAMCO

In this article, the author discusses the logistics trends in the chemical industry. He gives suggestions for identifying opportunities and improving supply chain.

3) Don’t Get Steamed
    Author: Brad Buecker, Process Specialist, Kiewit Engineering & Design

The author examines several of the most important issues related to proper water treatment and chemistry control in steam generators.

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