Chemical Industry Digest- May 18

Articles covered in this issue:

Process Intensification Opportunities in Multiphase Stirred Tank Reactors
Manishkumar D. Yadav, Gaurav G. Dastane, Chandrakant R. Holkar, Aniruddha B. Pandit, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai; and Shankar B. Kausley, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
In this article, an overview of process intensification in stirred tank reactors leads to many opportunities to enhance productivities. An overview is presented along with their industrial applications. Design aspects are also discussed.

Tiny Reactors – Aim for a big role
Rocky Costello, R. C. Costello & Associates, Inc
In this article, the author emphasizes on how process intensification has improved the reactor technology with different examples.

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