Chemical Industry Digest- May 2016

Articles covered in this issue:

How to select centrifugal pumps – Important guidelines
Kiran Gosavi, Amol Patil, Aker Solutions
Selecting centrifugal pumps – the workhorse of the industry – isn’t simplistic as made out. The article says that it is complex and many important factors have to be considered. Read this very comprehensive coverage on selection parameters.

Safety instrumented systems in EPC project lifecycle 
Shivendra Kapoor, Chola MS Risk Services
Including safety instrumentation ab initio at the project engineering stage is today crucially important and so EPC companies include the HSE aspects in the detail engineering, of any project. The author explains the analysis phase of safety instrumentation systems for any project.

Benzene supply & demand: Impact of crude oil prices & changing derivatives demand
Priyanka Mani, Beroe
A whole lot of derivatives are produced starting from benzene. Therefore, the supply, demand and pricing of benzene are important. The pricing depends as much on demand & supply as on the vagaries of oil & gas prices, says the author, against the backdrop of supply, demand & sourcing scenarios.

Increase chemical reaction rates
S Raghava Chari, Industry Consultant
Increasing reaction rates is important for improving productivity as well as for sustainability. The author gives a broad overview of the various factors impacting reaction rates and how it can be speeded up.

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