Chemical Industry Digest – May 2019

Articles covered in this issue:

Gasification of Solid Fuels- An Overview
– Thomas Mathew, Narasimha Murthy Bontu, Sreeja Nair, Reliance Technology Group (Gasification)
This article traces the growth of gasification technology from the time it made its presence to the latest developments today; describes various types of commercially available gasifiers and its advantages over direct combustion of solid fuels.

Chemical Logistics: Formula for Success
– Inbound Logistics
This article discusses the requirement of ambient conditions, digitalization and unique expertise needed of personnel involved in transporting and shipping of chemicals.

Leading Growth through Supply Chain Transformation
– Nilesh Jha, Huntsman Corporation
This article gives a brief overview of the role of procurement and other key facets of supply
the chain in the Chemical Industry.

Transformation of Supply Chain Process by Adoption of Digital Technology by Industry
– Pavithran M. Kallada, BDP UGL Global Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd
Discusses how digitalization can increase the efficiency of supply chain management and deliver sustainable outcomes in the Chemical Industry.

Taking the Danger Out of Dangerous Goods
– Radharamanan Panicker, Dangerous Goods Management (India)
Explains the regulatory framework and quantifies the risks associated with dangerous goods transportation through various modes.

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