Chemical Industry Digest- October 2018

Articles covered in this issue:

Prospects and Potential of Value Added Products from a Biorefinery
Gangagni Rao Anupoju, Sameena Begum, Sudarshan Juntupally, Vijayalakshmi Arelli, IICT- Hyderabad. 
As petrobased feedstocks are finite and diminishing, bio-based renewables are increasing in importance. Biorefineries can produce a variety of products. Biorefineries could become a major contributor to the bio-based economy of the nation, according to the author.

Challenges in Getting Instrumentation Data for Mechanical Packages
Hemantkumar J Patel, Jitender Nasa – Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.
This article enlists the challenges and solutions while handling mechanical packages during detailed engineering. Any hurdles during handling will lead to delay in engineering activities and will impact the project schedule as well.

Piping Specialty Items
Nikhil Jagtap, Raghuraj Puri, Ramkumar Shanmugavelu, V Pranjal, Fluor Daniel India Pvt Ltd.
This article discusses in detail the various requirements for design, testing of piping items from a manufacturing perspective with respect to the two important piping specialty items: steam traps and flame arresters.

Electrochemical Processes and Industry – A Review
Dr. N C Datta, Independent Consultant
There are chemical products which can be best produced only through the electrochemical route. Making the process energy efficient is a challenge. Core developments of the two most important electrochemical industries, vizchlor-alkali manufacture, and aluminium
extraction are described.

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