Chemical Industry Digest- June 2017

Articles covered in this issue

1. CEO’s Forum on Sustainability
To understand sustainability in its proper perspective, Chemical Industry Digest queried CEOs of two leading companies, Dow and Covestro, whose views are presented here.

2. New Sustainability Pathways Convergence of knowledge, technologies, literacies, and skills
Dr. R Rajagopal, Dr. P Lulabi – KnowGenix
In this analysis, the linkages between traditional and digital manufacturing, multidisciplinary skilling, sustainability literacy, and systems thinking are discussed.

3. Cradle to Cradle – Breaking with conventional sustainability concepts by defining chemicals positively.
Prof. Michael Braungart, CEO EPEA, Germany, Cedric Wintraecken, Leuphana University in Lüneburg (Germany)
Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is a path-breaking, out of the box philosophy that virtually destroys the concept of waste, which may seem bohemian to proponents of the current industrial culture. With real innovation and intelligent product design, the C2C concept says there will be no waste – only nutrients which can conveniently return to the start of the production process.

4. Interview with Prof. Michael Braungart.

5. Products Stewardship for a Sustainable Future
Dr. Sunil Deval – Head, Product Stewardship, Clariant
The personnel involved in every agency and the agency as a whole have to direct the handling and usage of products or shall we say ‘steward’ its management as per the principles and practices of Responsible Care and Sustainability. The role, functions, and importance of Product Stewardship are emphasised in this article. 

6. Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development
Dr. S. Venkat Reddy, Dr. B. Saha – Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd
Green Chemistry with its 12 principles is helping the industry in improving the processes and products. This article reviews some of the developments in green chemistry.

7. Converting Food Waste into a Resource – A Success Story
Ashish Mishra, Sarang Bansule, Sunil Kurapati, Dr. Ramesh Daryapurkar – Lars Enviro Pvt. Ltd
The article describes the success story of converting food waste into a valuable resource for energy generation.

8. Reverse Osmosis and IonExchange – Unique process steps to minimize the liquid discharge
Kedar Oke, Dr. Jens Lipnizki – Lanxess
This article describes a combination of Ion exchange and reverse osmosis as a smart and efficient way to treat wastewater with high organics load and high salinity.

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