Successful completion of AMAI’s Chlor-Alkali Safety Seminar

AMAI recently organised a two day Seminar on “Automation & Controls to Optimise the Operations and Safety in Chlor-Alkali Industry” in Bharuch, Gujarat.

Major firms like thyssenkrupp and Yokogawa, presented their solutions to reduce incidents in the Chlor-Alkali plants. Monitoring major R2 took a different approach, and moved towards AI for plant data analysis. They presented a 360° approach based on precision & speed using analysed historical data. According to R2, an expert system can analyse historical data to minimize and potentially avoid hazardous operations in the future.

Other companies like Metrohm India, Travancore Cochin Chemicals, De Nora presented on controlled monitoring, automation, and latest developments in their production technology.

Notably, Chemfab’sFully Enclosed Negative Pressure Suction (FENPS) system was a self-initiative with a motive to protect the environment by keeping the work place with zero toxic release.

Grasim Industries, a maker of Chlor-Alkali products like Caustic Soda, Compressed Hydrogen Gas, etc, suggested better supply-chain visibility practices, as they are the key in gaining efficient end-to end supply-chain view.

Green Power, a leader in eco-friendly cleaner, degreasers, etc., suggested an improved control over rectifier systems to optimise the operations and safety in Chlor-Alkali plant operations.