Clariant showcases environment friendly additives for coatings

Clariant, highlighted its innovative portfolio that focuses on solutions for water-based architectural coatings and enables the manufacture of paints to comply with Eco label criteria at a customer symposium held recently in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Under the theme: ‘Additives for Paints & Coatings, Expertise For The Big Picture’, Clariant invited customers to showcase solutions that are simplified, yet enhance sustainability aspects that meet the market needs and conform to the latest regulatory requirements.

Key products and solutions featured at the customer symposium were:

  • Emulsogen® LCN 118 that can be used as a compatibilizer to improve tinting strength and to reduce rub-out, water absorption, and haze effects. It is low VOC, free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), readily biodegradable, easy to handle (liquid material; soluble in water) and FDA approved.
  • Nipacide® providing excellent preservation adjusted to the Paints and coatings industry’s needs, with in-can and dry-film preservation for water and solvent based paints.
  • Genamin® NT 018, a cost-effective pH neutralizing agent for low odor, waterborne paints. It is a suitable replacement for ammonia and other neutralizing agents such as aminomethyl propanol (AMP). Genamin NT 018 meets all performance parameters in terms of pH stability, low odor, freeze thaw stability, controlled color properties, controlled gloss and opacity, stable viscosity and scrub resistance.