Croda Launches 100% Bio-Based Surfactants.

Specialty chemicals company Croda International has announced the official launch and certification of its ECO range of bio-based surfactants – ingredients designed to meet increasing market demand for sustainable, high-performance ingredient options.

The new 100% bio-based and 100% renewable range of non-ionic surfactants are the widest commercially available and is certified to meet the criteria of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio-Preferred program – an initiative which aims to assist in the development and expansion of markets for bio-based product.

According to Croda, the range offers a wide variety of benefits including emulsification, detergency and cleansing, and solubilization while delivering mild and stable formulations.

The company also claims that, by simply replacing a petroleum-derived ingredient with its renewable variant, a significant improvement in bio-based content and renewability can be achieved without a sacrifice in product performance.