“DELLMECO” Motorised Double Diaphragm Pumps

The DELLMECO ‘DME’ series are electro-mechanicalDouble Diaphragm Pumps which are highly energy efficient. The pump technology is designed especially for universal applications which require low pressure- up to 6 bar. It’s compact, unique design does not require hydraulic fluid and preventive maintenance is easy to carry out.Instead of running the double diaphragm pumps on compressed air or Ni gas -which is the most expensive plant utility, Dellmeco offers energy efficient electric geared motor as the driver for its double diaphragm pumps.

Advantages of DME series pumps
• Housing machined from PE and PTFE conductive blocks and also in aluminum, cast iron,.AISI 316 industrial and AISI 316 L Hygienic combinations.
• Capable of handling up to 120°C• Dry-running, low shear, versatile fluid handling capability
• Smooth product functioning
• Low operating costs through highly efficient electric drive
• Constant flow rate against variable pressure and viscosity; withstands highly corrosive chemicals
• Long life fully enclosed diaphragms
• Abrasion resistant with our robust design
• Capacity up to 650 l/min without Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) flow control
• Optional VFD flow control for process performance(from 35 Hz up to 70 Hz)
• Wide range of optional accessories available
• Compact design means less space required compared to ecc. screw and peristaltic pumps.

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