Development of an Innovative Design Concept to Operate Two Solar Driers for Achieving Continuous Product Drying by Incorporating a Fluidics Amplifier

Drying is the method of reducing the unwanted amount of moisture from organic / nonorganic matter, also called as the dehydration process. The drying process is an age old concept used for drying of food items, chemical products, leather products, animal skins, mud pots, mud bricks, etc. Drying is meant for preserving the product for a longer duration by removing unhygienic moisture. It is an energy intensive process. Hence, to economize the consumption of conventional thermal energy, solar thermal energy is being harnessed by solar dryers to dry economically and effectively. Indirect passive solar driers (ISPD) are used effectively for drying. In this article, the author discusses the use of 2 consecutive ISPDs with the help of Bistable Fluidic Amplifier (BFA) for better and continuous drying of products or batches of products.

Keywords: Drying, moisture, organic / nonorganic matter, product/ food items, reduction in food losses, preservation, conventional thermal energy, solar thermal energy, a product or a batch of product.