DuPont reveals cutting-edge solutions for Pharma Excipients at Cphl China

At CPhI China 2019, DuPont will showcase features such as solubility enhancement, sustained release, as well as delayed or immediate release. The range includes:

METHOCEL™ DC2: It achieves superior process control with fewer production steps and less waste. With improved flow, faster and consistent tableting speeds, it greatly enhances overall production efficiency.

Avicel® SMCC: This is an example of how DuPont has applied its extensive manufacturing and applications expertise to develop cutting-edge, co-processed excipients. With improved powder flow, content uniformity and tablet compatibility, Avicel® PH microcrystalline cellulose and its compounds keep pace with market movements and technological upgradation.

Another technology showcased by DuPont at this show is SeaGel®, a tailored innovative solution which is highly aligned with the nutraceuticals market trends: clean, effective and attractive. This patented, environmentally-friendly technology enables sustainable in-house manufacturing of plant-based soft capsules. The SeaGel® capsules have thermal and PH stabilizing properties and superior consumer appeal, providing an elegant and easily ingestible vegetarian alternative to gelatin.

Against the backdrop of the growing need of pharmaceutical companies to streamline processes and improve efficiency, the company also highlights its continuous manufacturing with the binary mixture of excipient composite and API that is easier to set up, run, monitor, and clean than using the individual ingredients. The technology has great potential to simplify and accelerate production.

Pauel Fokin, Global Commercial Director of Pharma Solutions at Nutrition & Biosciences added, “These days, pharmaceutical companies face increasing quality and regulatory requirements that hold back the development of new, pharma-specific excipients. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to directly connect the customers with our scientists, facilitating customized solutions and unique formulations for various process needs. In combination with other technical services and support, we aim to help the industry players to receive faster, easier approvals for their excipients.”

During the show, there is an array of real-world DuPont products and solutions on display. This gives people the opportunities to see first-hand what strengths and benefits these solutions will provide. Meanwhile, several mini talks will be held on the booth to give the audience a better and deep understanding of how innovative these solutions are.