Graphene batteries to solve ‘range anxiety’ for electric vehicles.

Bengaluru based start-up Log 9 materials, working in the nanotechnology domain, aims at increasing the range and quicker charging solutions of battery run vehicles. The company is set to revolutionize clean energy generation with their innovation of the metal air battery, which is similar to a fuel cell. Using the wonder material ‘graphene’ the founder Akshay Singhal says that the battery will have 10x more energy density which will provide a range of 1000 km, as against lithium-ion batteries which need to be charged for 5 to 6 hours after every 100 to 150 kms. The recyclable metal generates clean, zero emission energy.

The company is also working on graphene based products like non electric water purification and industrial effluent treatment systems which will be environment friendly. The company holds three patents in graphene synthesis and graphene products and are trying to bridge the gap between academic research and commercial products.