Haldor Topsoe and Braskem to develop Renewable MEG

Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem and Danish process technology company Haldor Topsoe have recently announced that they have reached mechanical completion of the Mosaik process step of their demonstration plant that will produce bio-based monoethylene glycol (MEG) from sugars. Monosaccharide Industrial Cracker or Mosaik is a solution for cracking sugars to an intermediary product like MEG or other biochemicals in two steps reducing investment costs and boosting productivity; making it competitive with traditional production from naphtha. The demonstration plant, located in Lyngby, Denmark, is an important step to upscale the Mosaik solution and begin production at an industrial scale, which is planned to commence in 2023. The plant demonstrates all key design features of the technology and can produce more than 100 tonnes per year of glycolaldehyde, which is converted into MEG in the next process step.

Construction and pre-commissioning of the Mosaik process step have been completed as planned and on schedule. The next activities in this part of the demonstration plant will be start-up and operation with the aim to achieve key technical targets and confirm economic feasibility of the process. In parallel with operating the first process step, the partners will complete the construction of the next process step, the downstream conversion to MEG. Mechanical completion is expected before the end of 2019.