Herbal Alternative To Replace Formalin

S. Sabu, Assistant Professor in Quality Assurance and Food Safety with Cochin University of Science and Technology is in the process of developing a liquid natural alternative for chemical preservation by utilizing the extraction of crustacean shell wastes, herbal plant extract and fruit peel wastes for extending shelf life of fresh fish or frozen seafood, reports from The Hindu BusinessLine confirms.

He says that extracts of tulsi, fruit peels of pomegranate, lemon etc contain natural antioxidants and antibacterial agents. Chitosan (a natural, non-toxic biopolymer) extracted from the shrimp and crab shell wastes has excellent antibacterial and protective effects. He has succeeded in developing a natural liquid preservative after incorporating chitosan and its derivatives from crustacean shell wastes; and phenolic and flavonoid compounds from fruit peels. The technical know-how for the commercial production of chitosan and its derivatives from shrimp and crab shell wastes has been standardized by the School of Industrial Fisheries.