IIT Madras & GE to develop India’s first ‘Cold Spray’ SMART lab

IIT Madras in collaboration with General Electric (GE) developed India’s first ‘Cold Spray’ SMART (Surface Modification and Additive Research Technologies) lab. IIT Madras is now the only academic institution in India, which has a first-of-its-kind High-Pressure Cold Spray (HPCS) facility.

The technology is different from other widely used thermal spray processes, as there is no melting and oxidation of powders. Thus, high-quality coatings could be produced. Moreover, the deposition rates are very high leading to less powder wastage and it can be used for additive manufacturing and repair of components. As part of its collaboration with GE, the institute will develop advanced coatings, that would meet specifications of aerospace standards.

Cold Spray is an emerging technology for advanced manufacturing and services and will be utilised to co-develop processes for aero-engine applications.This smart technology has application temperatures that are much lower than other thermal-spray and welding processes, which means the distortion and stresses associated with those repair techniques are avoided, leading to longer lifespan.