IPLEX 2018

As the country debates on the importance and adverse effects of plastics and their future, the plastics industry is keen to dispel myths and some ‘uninformed information’ being peddled through the social networking and messaging platforms. They plan a major plastics event IPLEX to explain the importance of plastics in people’s lives, their applications and various methods of recycling, thereby addressing their harmful aspects.

IPLEX 2018, South India’s biggest plastic expo to be held for four days from today is expected to generate more than $ 100 million (Rs 686 crore) during the event to be hosted at Hitex. Anil Reddy Vennam, Chairman, Advisory Committee of IPLEX 2018, said plastics ban is not the solution and that there was a need to explore other possibilities such as the change in littering habits, segregation and encouraging recycling.

The ninth edition of the event, which is expected to lay special emphasis on small and medium industry players, who play a big role in contributing to the growth of the sector. He said that the event which will see the convergence of more than 350 exhibitors and include GAIL India, ONGC Petro Additions, Toshiba Machines, Kabra Extrusions among others