Chemical Industry Digest- Dec 2015

Published on 12/16/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Delayed coking deheading valves Les Antalffy, Anil Rajguru, Barry Millet – Fluor; Ruben Lah, Critical Flow Solutions This article briefly explains the old method of...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Nov 15

Published on 11/16/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Monitor Ammonia plants from an energy consumption approach Dr. M. P. Sukumaran Nair, Industry Consultant The article examines how modern ammonia plants are monitored from the...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Oct 15

Published on 10/19/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Are your Pumps aligned with productivity or aligned with huge spare parts consumption and heavy production losses? Sankar Narayan, Yes Yen GraphiTech Even the best...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Sep 15

Published on 9/19/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Risks associated due to complexity in chemical transportation in India Jasjit Sethi, TCI SCS This article looks at how transporting chemicals presents unique logistics challenges because...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-Aug 15

Published on 8/19/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Troubleshooting FCC operations to improve performance Dave Ferguson, Tracerco Investigations of Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) operations using radioisotope technology tools provide a better understanding of the...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-July 15

Published on 7/19/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Case study: Rotordynamic instabilities during shop testing of a large centrifugal compressor train Neetin Ghaisas, Steven Hallt, Fluor This paper details the problem of...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-June 15

Published on 6/20/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Minimizing VCM Emissions during VCM tank commissioning S.Rajan, A.Mohan, TNV Satynarayana, Technip India This article describes one of the novel approaches to minimize...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-May 15

Published on 5/20/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Advanced Catalysts for Sustainable Development D Mukherjee, B M Reddy and K V Raghavan, IICT Catalysts are ubiquitous in natural and non-natural processes. This...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-Apr 15

Published on 4/20/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Pumps for high temp liquids S. Raghava Chari, Industry Consultant This article addresses unique problems posed by high-temperature pumps. It also underlines the steps...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-Mar 15

Published on 3/20/2015

Articles covered in this issue: Heat/Mass Transfer in Chemical and Process Industry Ashok Kumar Verma, Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi This article discusses the importance of heat and mass...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-Feb 15

Published on 2/20/2015

Articles covered in this issue: TOC Analysis: Basic & UV Persulfate / NDIR Methodology  Ramesh Sahu, Skytech Systems (India) Pvt Ltd Various background errors during quantitative analysis of the...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest-Jan 15

Published on 1/20/2015

Articles covered in this issue: The global chemical industry - Will the future unfold as expected? Or do uncertainties lie ahead? Dr. Alexander Keller, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants What...Continue Reading