Chemical Industry Digest- Dec 2016

Published on 12/6/2016

Articles covered in this issue: A Call to Action – Next Steps for Vision 20/20 Jack McCavit, Scott Berger, Louisa Nara, Cheryl Grounds, V P Process Safety, Central...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Nov 2016

Published on 11/6/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Waste Water Treatment in Chemical Industries: The Concept and Current Technologies Mohamed Osman Awaleh, Youssouf Djibril Soubaneh Almost all chemical industries face formidable environmental regulatory challenges...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Oct 2016

Published on 10/5/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Tata Strategic report on Pumps, Valves & Process Equipment This report analyses the current status of pumps, valves and process equipment particularly with regard to their...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Sep 2016

Published on 9/5/2016

Articles covered in this issue: An optimization of the Chemical Process Route to Alkali Blue (Aniline Blue) - Dr. Manfred Haehnke, Germany Alkali Blue (Aniline Blue) and its higher sulfonated...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Aug 2016

Published on 8/1/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Cleaner Environment through Ion Exchange Resins Lanxess Business Unit - Liquid Purification Technologies Waste water is produced from various chemical manufacturing processes which can...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- July 2016

Published on 7/1/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Surge Detection and Surge Control Systems for Centrifugal Compressors – Part 1 Neetin Ghaisas, Fluor, Todd Reitsma, Compressor Control Corporation Surge detection and surge...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- June 16

Published on 6/29/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Sustainability & Responsible Care Ravi Kapoor, Heubach Group of Companies Various relevant ministries of the government and the Indian Chemical Council (ICC) have...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- May 2016

Published on 5/29/2016

Articles covered in this issue: How to select centrifugal pumps - Important guidelines Kiran Gosavi, Amol Patil, Aker Solutions Selecting centrifugal pumps - the workhorse of the industry...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Apr 2016

Published on 4/29/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Layered approach to achieve optimization for modern process industries Jaideep Bhattacharya, Honeywell Process Solutions This article highlights how a layered optimization solution can...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Mar 2016

Published on 3/29/2016

Articles in this issue Great Expectations Akshay Panhale, Dhananjay Ambekar, Manish Pitkar, AkerSolutions This article explains the expectations from the vendors, detailed engineering contractor and client, as well as...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Feb 2016

Published on 2/29/2016

Articles covered in this issue Consider molecular management to maximize chemicals to oil advantage Anil Rajguru, Srinivasa Orunganti, Leslie P Antalffy – Fluor This article focuses on the...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- January 2016

Published on 1/29/2016

Articles covered in this issue: Future Growth of Indian Chemical Industry mired due to dearth of building blocks Manish Panchal, Karthikeyan K S and Sonal Sapale -...Continue Reading