Chemical Industry Digest- December 2017

Published on 12/10/2017

Articles covered in this issue: Understanding the basics of ‘Tolerable Risk’ Shivendra Kapoor – Chola MS Risk Services. It is important, the author emphasises, to know and quantify...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- November 2017

Published on 11/27/2017

Articles Covered in this Issue: 1. Introduction to IIoT and its applications in the chemical industry Rohit Pimpley, Forbes Marshall Ltd Defines and explains IIoT and outlines some of the...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- October 2017

Published on 10/13/2017

Articles Covered in this issue: Overview of Project Management – A Collaborative Effort - Ashok Adhikary - Consultant Efficient project management is important for timely completion of projects without cost overruns....Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- September 2017

Published on 9/13/2017

Articles covered in this issue: Pumping Solids -S L Abhyankar, Designer, Trainer, Consultant for Pumps, Valves, Pumping Systems The author says that this is one of the most...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- August 2017

Published on 8/13/2017

Articles covered in this issue: 1. What to do when specialty chemical business gets commoditised ?..... M.Sriram Specialty chemicals is a customer focussed, high margin, low volume business....Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- July 2017

Published on 7/13/2017

Articles covered this issue: Intensifying Distillation using Divided Wall Columns: Current Status and Challenges – Dr. Nilesh A. Mali, CSIR-NCL Advantages of Divided Wall Columns (DWC) Distillation...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- June 2017

Published on 6/12/2017

Articles covered in this issue 1. CEO’s Forum on Sustainability To understand sustainability in its proper perspective, Chemical Industry Digest queried CEOs of two leading companies, Dow and Covestro,...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest – May 2017

Published on 5/12/2017

Articles covered in this issue: 1. Rethink Operations Management     Mike Neill, Petrotechnics     Operational excellence is becoming the focus of large chemical, petrochemical and refining companies....Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Apr 2017

Published on 4/12/2017

Articles Covered in this issue: 1) Entrained Flow Gasification      Author: Thomas Mathews, Reliance Technology Group In this article based on the author’s experience of working with...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Mar 2017

Published on 3/12/2017

Articles Covered in this issue: 1) Nylon: Past, Present and Future Perspectives     Author: Anuj Mittal, Suchetana K Shetty The article briefly summarizes the literature with a...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Feb 2017

Published on 2/12/2017

Articles Covered in this issue: 1) Colours in our life: From aesthetics to functions Dr S. Sivaram, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research This article is...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Jan 2017

Published on 1/12/2017

Articles Covered in this issue: 1) Opportunity areas in chemicals for Make in India Manish Panchal, Charu Kapoor, Nihaal Jelkie, Tata Strategic Management Group Feedstock availability, difficult access...Continue Reading