Chemical Industry Digest- December 2018

Published on 12/27/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Is your process safe? Understand Safety Techniques in depth S Raghava Chari, Independent Consultant. Industrial accidents are a major issue of concern that...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- November 2018

Published on 11/26/2018

Articles covered in November 2018 issue: Recent advances in crystallization technology Dr. Vivek V Ranade, Mr. Ajinkya V. Pandit, Dr. Rahul S. Bhambure. The article gives an overview...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- October 2018

Published on 10/26/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Prospects and Potential of Value Added Products from a Biorefinery Gangagni Rao Anupoju, Sameena Begum, Sudarshan Juntupally, Vijayalakshmi Arelli, IICT- Hyderabad.  As petrobased feedstocks...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- September 2018

Published on 10/4/2018

Articles covered in September 2018: Recent Advances in Engineering Aspects of Pharmaceutical Crystallization - Part II K.Hemalatha, Dr S.Vedantam, Dr K.Yamuna Rani - IICT Hyderabad. This article as a...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- August 2018

Published on 9/3/2018

Articles in this issue: Ecology and Pumps S L Abhyankar, Independent Consultant In this article, the author, with the help of several examples discusses ways to achieve energy efficiency....Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- July 2018

Published on 7/31/2018

Articles covered in the July 2018 issue: Deepwater Oil and Gas Prospects in India Shrikant Kanitkar, Senior Engineering Manager, Aker Solutions The author describes the scenario of deepwater oil...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest Annual– June 2018

Published on 6/30/2018

Articles included in this issue: Sustainability – An opportunity for the Chemical Industry Dr Neil Hawkins, Chief Sustainability Officer & Corporate Vice President-Environment, Health & Safety, Dow...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- May 18

Published on 6/18/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Process Intensification Opportunities in Multiphase Stirred Tank Reactors Manishkumar D. Yadav, Gaurav G. Dastane, Chandrakant R. Holkar, Aniruddha B. Pandit, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai;...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Apr 2018

Published on 4/30/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Real Time Monitoring Spurs Energy Savings Philippe Baudet, PRoSim; France Fabien Joly, Total’s Normandy Refinery, France. In this article, the author describes how...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Mar 18

Published on 3/27/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Advances in Catalysis in Recent Times B. Viswanathan, former faculty of IIT – Chennai In this article, the author discusses new developments in...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Feb 18

Published on 2/21/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Cost Estimation and Cost Control of EPC Projects in Hydrocarbon Verticals Rajat Kumar Dasgupta, RDMA Consultants Pvt Ltd. This article talks about various aspects...Continue Reading

Chemical Industry Digest- Jan 2018

Published on 1/25/2018

Articles covered in this issue: Key direct tax expectations of India chemicals sector from Budget 2018 Aashish Kasad, EY India. A brief writeup on the author’s views on the...Continue Reading