Jubilant adopts ForteBio’s SPR System in India

Jubilant Biosys, a subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd added advanced Pioneer FE system to its platform of drug discovery solutions. The Pioneer FE system from ForteBio, is the next generation SPR instrumentation for label-free characterization of biomolecules.

The system uses a unique gradient injection technology to facilitate fragment screening and is sensitive enough to measure high affinity and covalent binding events. The SPR systems can analyse up to 768 fragments in 24 hours, obtaining kinetics during the primary screen and eliminating the need for additional screens.

The Pioneer system is the first placed in India, and part of Jubilant’s continuing investment in new technologies supporting customer needs. Marcel Velterop, President, Jubilant Biosys, “The addition of the Pioneer SPR system will significantly upgrade and speed-up our small molecule-hit finding engine for novel target classes.”