KBR to provide solid-acid alkylation technology for wynnewood refinery in oklahoma

American EPC provider KBR, Inc. has entered into a contract with Wynnewood Refining Co., LLC  for engineering and design services relating to KBR’s Solid Acid Alkylation Technology (K-SAAT) for Wynnewood’s refinery located in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.KBR will provide basic engineering and design (BED) services for its K-SAAT technology and the opportunity to utilize the technology to revamp the existing Hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation unit at the Wynnewood Refinery under the contract.

K-SAAT is an innovative technology to produce alkylate, which is an ultra-clean gasoline blendstock. Unlike traditional refinery alkylation technologies that utilize strong acids, K-SAAT produces alkylates by combining light olefins and isobutane using a solid catalyst ‘ExSact’ engineered to overcome rapid deactivation limitations of solid-acid catalysts and provide superior alkylation performance. K-SAAT offers the capabilities to upgrade olefins ranging from ethylene to amylenes into higher value alkylate. The technology avoids complex acid handling and cooling cost to provide high yield and costbenefits.

Since the first K-SAAT unit was commissioned, early this year in China, K-SAAT technology has received significant interest from refiners globally.