Man V/s Toaster! Who will win?

Man V/s Toaster! Who will win?


Well, the toaster won, as a slice of bread, toasted within minutes by an electric toaster, left an Olympic Cyclist huffing and puffing while attempting to do the same!

German athlete, and Olympic medal winner, Robert Forstemann battled a 700w toaster to bring attention to how much energy we use without realising.

The toaster project, work of graduate Nathan Grossman from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, transferred energy to the toaster using a bicycle dynamo that acts like a generator. The dynamo had a wheel that touched the back tyre and as the bike moved, the wheel turned a magnet inside a coil generating the energy, used in the challenge to power the toaster.

As the challenge went on, the athlete’s heartbeat continued to rise and the pain can be seen etched on his face. Left panting and even lying on the floor to recover at the end, the medal-winning Olympian actually only managed to generate 0,021kWh. According to the results, the test found it would take 18 Forstemann’s to gener¬ate a car and a massive 43,000 Olympians to power an aeroplane.