Need better tasting smoky whisky ? Use Chromatography

Whisky comes in a variety of tastes based on its geographic origin, the water used to make it, whether it is single malt or blended. One of the most distinctive characteristics of some whiskies is its peatiness or smokiness according to a report in Chromatography Today. Many like the smoky taste while some don’t. You get smoky or peaty whisky when peat is burnt to heat the air to dry the barley to make the malt to produce the whisky. This makes the barley peaty or smoked and when this is mashed and distilled, smoky whisky is the result. But how smoky is smoky? How can you measure and benchmark it to the right taste? Chromatography measures the smokiness by measuring the ppm levels of phenols in the whisky. Based on how smoky you want your whisky, the phenol ppm can range from 60 ppm to 300 ppm phenol.