New polycarbonate plant in China to be built by KBR

Engineering company KBR was recently awarded both a license and engineering (LBED) and a proprietary equipment supply contract by Cangzhou Dahua New Materials (CDNM) to build a new polycarbonate plant in Cangzhou City, China.

Under the terms of the two contracts, KBR will provide its proprietary PCMAXTM technology, basic engineering design package and proprietary equipment supply for a 100,000 metric tonnes per annum single train plant in Cangzhou. CDNM intends to expand annual production at a later stage to 200,000 metric tonnes. The plant will utilize KBR’s phosgene-based interfacial polycarbonate PCMAXTM technology. The technology offers a wide range of high-quality product grades with minimal capital investment.

KBR globally licenses and designs polycarbonate synthesis and compounding plants as well as complementary phenolic technologies, including phenol/acetone, and bisphenol-A (BPA). The company’s integrated phenolics offering provides advantages in raw materials, utilities, OPEX and maintenance costs.