New Surface Coating Could Open New Range Of Medical Applications

Researchers from McMaster University have engineered surface coating that is first of its kind as it can repel anything and everything, from bacteria and viruses, to blood. The coating can be modified and adjusted to allow some things to stick to the surface while repelling others.

The coating allows a whole new range of medical applications. For example, the coating could be used with a synthetic heart valve — by applying the coating to the synthetic valve, it can repel blood cells and keep them from sticking and creating blood clots. But the repellent coating could cause the body to reject the valve. That is why customization of the coating is important. The coating can be adjusted to allow only heart cell tissues to infiltrate it. This allows the body to integrate the new valve while lowering the risk of blood clots and infection. The same kind of thing can be done for other implants.

Outside of the body, having selectively repellent surfaces would be perfect for diagnostic tests as well as for testing more complex substances, like urine or blood.

The paper on the new coating was published in ACS Nano.