Researcher dies in an explosion at Indian Institute of Science

An explosion in a laboratory at the Indian Institute of Sciences resulted in the death of a researcher, Manoj Kumar, with three others critically injured.

The incident occurred when the researchers were conducting an experiment at the Laboratory for Hypersonic and Shock Wave Research.

The three others injured were identified as Karthik Shenoy, Naresh Kumar and Atulya Uday Kumar. They are undergoing treatment at the MS Ramaiah Hospital and are currently in ICU care.

The four were employees of Super-Wave Technology Pvt Ltd (SWTPL), an IISc-incubated startup headed by senior scientists at the department of aerospace engineering, IISc.

While the investigations are going on to determine the root cause of the accident, preliminary reports suggest that a leak in the hydrogen cylinder caused the explosion.

The laboratory of hypersonic and shock waves Research, where the accident took place, is the largest of its kind in the world.