Researchers develop binder for lignin-based paints

Fossil resources are limited in supply and the production of many products depends on these resources. Also, there is great demand for raw materials that not only will be a substitute for petrochemical substances but also have a better environmental compatibility and CO2 balance.Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Bremen have developed a paint primer on the basis of lignin, which can be obtained from plant residues. It is free of petrochemical raw materials and therefore has a significantly improved CO2 balance.

Lignin is the most abundant natural product and a by-product of paper production and production of bioethanol. For the scientists, it, therefore, seemed reasonable to create an alternative to petrochemicals by processing lignin, which is renewable, environmentally friendly and available almost without any limit.

The experts transformed the standardized mixture further and used it as raw material for binders for primer formulations. The result is a primer that has key properties such as corrosion protection, adhesion or applicability comparable to primers based on petrochemicals.


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