Shree Renuka to double ethanol capacity

Shree Renuka Sugars (SRS) is planning to double its ethanol capacity to about 24 crore litres in about 18 months. According to a report in BusinessLine, Chairman Atul Chaturvedi said that the company has an existing capacity of 12 crore litres per annum and in about 18 months this will reach 23-24 crore litres.

Chaturvedi said that the current level of ethanol blending in the country is about 3 to 3.5 percent and next year this number could increase by another 2 percent. However, in about three years, adequate ethanol capacity will get created and it helps achieve the 10 percent blending target. A number of sugar mills are adding new capacities and equipment such as incineration boilers are being added, which will also help in running the sugar mills in the rainy season.

The Chairman said that SRS was also evaluating if Indian raw sugars could be processed and exported to other countries. This could be achieved only if the Indian raw sugar rates are as competitive as imported Brazilian sugar. The company’s Kandla facility has a refining capacity of 1 lakh tonnes per month, therefore if the local raw sugar is available at competitive prices then SRS will procure it. Raw sugar requirement cannot be fully met by local millers. Therefore whatever local volumes of raw sugar can be procured competitively will be used at Kandla.