Chemical Industry Digest – April 2019

Articles covered in this issue:

Emerging Digital Technologies in the Chemical Industry
– Ketan Karkhanis, Clariant India
This article gives a brief overview on the role and impact of some of the key constituents of digital technologies in the chemical industry.

Process Plants: Digitize for Operational Excellence
– Dr MP Sukumaran Nair, Centre for Green Technology and Management
Outlines how digital tools are enhancing chemical industry operations, which can lead to excellence in performance.

Digital Transformation of Pharma & Biotech Industries
– Janice Abel, ARC Advisory Group, USA
Adopting digitization in pharma and biotech industries while transformational in the manifold benefits it delivers, it has many challenges too – which are well discribed in this article. It even needs a cultural change in organisations.

Corrosion in Inline Instruments
– Sounik Das, Archana Rawat, Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.
This article discusses types and effects of the common problem of corrosion in inline instruments in industries and ways to alleviate corrosion, with some case studies and examples of instruments.

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