Chemical Industry Digest- December 2018

Articles covered in this issue:

Is your process safe? Understand Safety Techniques in depth
S Raghava Chari, Independent Consultant.
Industrial accidents are a major issue of concern that needs to be addressed. The article provides a deep insight into a suite of safety techniques and practices to minimise industrial accidents along with case studies to understand various concepts related to safety.

Do you need a Safety Instrumented System (SIS)?
Shivendra Kapoor, Chola MS Risk Services.
In this article the author attempts to answer a very basic question on whether to have
safety instrument systems or not. The article presents a technical case study that will help decide the need for such a system.

Optimize Alarm Management – An effective rationalization strategy provides important benefits
Hiroaki Tanaka, Consultant.
Latest instrumentation has also led to a situation of tremendous increase in alarm installations across the plant. An ‘overalarm’ situation also impacts plant performance
adversely. So how does one decide optimal number of alarms? Read this article for more on this.

Loss Prevention – An integral part of design
Chandrashekhar Chandwadkar, Krishna Satheeshkumar
Fire is major consequence of industry accidents which lead to losses. The article
addresses various techniques for limiting and/or extinguishing fires in chemical industry accidents.

Accident Prevention by Learning from the past
Jitendra Kumar
The article discusses on how industrial accidents can be prevented by learning from the root causes of past incidents and also recommends various actions required for safety management.

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